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December 2013
Everything was so extremely perfect &
we loved all your adorable attention to detail.
merci, merci merci !
C. & W. from Tampa FL USA

December 2013
Tank you so much for
the hospitality, help and lovely conversation.
Your B&B is outstanding ...
K. & H. from Miami FL USA

November 2013
... entertain us with stories
of stolen art, dancing, trips around the world
and the philosophy of life ...
K. & L. from Cincinnati OH USA

November 2013
Eure sympathischen Rundumtipps
und euer herrliches Morgenessen
haben uns glücklich gemacht !
P. & Ph. from Zurich Switzerland

October 2013
... hoe fijn het was om zo'n mooie
gezellige, warme en verzorgde kamer
een paar dagen als "thuis" te hebben !
J. & D. from The Hague The Netherlands

October 2013
Comme toujours Formidable,
merci pour tout, ...
surtout pour l'amitié.
J. from Amsterdam The Netherlands

October 2013
Second time at BBB ...
Keep up the good work,
BBB C-U again !
I. & U. from Sollentuna Sweden

October 2013
This is by far
the most fun B&B
we have stayed at !
M. & R. from Weston CT USA

September 2013
... Your hospitality
and kindness
will never be forgotten.
J. & J. from New York NY USA

September 2013
... loved
our conversations
and interactions.
J. & C. from Cairns Australia

September 2013
... we will miss your smily faces
... and overall hospitality,
6 stars !!!
S. & D. from Sydney Australia

September 2013
... you should be proud
in setting up
BBB ... love,
T. & A. from Adelaide Australia

August 2013
... and we hope
our paths
cross again.
D. & B. from La Quinta Californa USA


August 2013
... We are bringing
some ideas back
to our own kitchen ...
O. & M. from Subotica Serbia

August 2013
... des succulents petits déjeuners
... un régal pour les yeux
autant que pour l'estomac.
N. & A. from Charlemagne Canada

July 2013
... my stay here
has been nothing short
of spectacular ...
J.- R. from Pittsburg Pennsylvania USA

July 2013
are a part of Paris
not to be missed !
J. & T. from Edmonton Alberta Canada

June 2013
You have made Paris
for us.
S. & J. from Werrington Downs Australia

June 2013
... blij
dat er een lijntje
tussen ons bestaat !
N. & W. from Amsterdam The Netherlands

June 2013
Once again ... Thank you
for helping to make our visit to Paris
special for the second time !
M. & J. (Americans) from Gangelt Germany

June 2013
Nous voudrons vous remercier
pour votre hospitalité ...
chaque chose était parfait ...
J. & A. from Sydney Australia


June 2013
... we are serious when we say,
we will be back
next year !
A. & R. from Adelaide Australia

May 2013
The Best !"
All my love
S. (an Englishman) from Sydney Australia


May 2013
... you wonderful hospitality ...
... your kindness + concise instruction
made Paris seem "easy" ...
A. & N. from Kingscliff Australia

May 2013
... we will never forget
our precious time here
at your charming B&B
D. & T. from Chicago USA

May 2013
Coming back here
was just like
coming back home ...
A. & A. from Tel Avive Israël

April 2013
... we love your warm, caring and delightful presence ...
... to experience the "Real Paris",
not the touristy part, was fantastic !
A. & R. from Adelaide Australia

April 2013
You are the perfect hosts !
Viva the 10th arrondissement !
Viva la France !
J. & J. from San Francisco USA

April 2013
... you have been more
than thoughtful and kind hosts
you have both been genuine friends ...
L. & N. from Vancouver Canada

2013 March
Many thanks
for the marvelous stay
at BBB !
G. & T. from Philadelphia USA

2013 March
... Thank you
for the wonderful start
to our honeymoon trip ! ...
A. & C. from Arlington VA USA

2013 March
You have an amazing ability
to welcome complete strangers
as though we were close friends ...
L. & K. from London England

2013 February
... een fantastisch weekend ...
... Thank you,
for all your warmth and love,
M. & H. from The Hague The Netherlands


2013 February
... é per descrivere
le vostre gentilezza e disponibilità
non ci sono parole ...
G. & G. from Cislago Italy

2013 January
... bedankt voor de gezellige gezelligheid ...
... de gastvrijheid en de zorg ...
... gaan opgeladen terug naar de drukte ...
D. & L. from Hellevoetsluis The Netherlands

2013 January
... rust, inspiratie en een goed gesprek ...
... in de beste plek van Parijs ...
... komen graag snel weer t'rug ...
J. & Y. from Den-Haag The Netherlands

2013 January
BBB ... een ware oase
midden in bruisend Parijs ...
... een zalf voor de ziel ...
J. from A'dam The Netherlands


2013 January
... your hospitality ...
... feels like visiting friends ...
... you have known for a long time ...
A. & S. from Midlands England

2013 January
... appreciated the care & attention lavished on us ...
... well beyond the call of duty ...
... we couldn't be more impressed ...
H. & I. from Helsinki Finland

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2012 Dec   -   ... truly, BBB has exceeded all of our expectations. This has been like the very best possible combination ... of staying with friends and staying in a lovely hotel ... Thank you for the special attention in regards to the gluten free breakfast !
        M. & J. (American) from Gangelt Germany 

2012 Dec   -   Thank you so much for your hospitality ... and making our first visit to Paris wonderful ... it was great to be one of your guests, ... best wishes,
        S. & I. from Moscow Russia

2012 Dec   -   ... We have thoroughly enjoyed our breakfast conversations on issues varying from scuba diving to aliens from outerspace ! .... fond regards,
        M. & J. (Australians) from London England

2012 Nov   -   ... Your kindness, hospitality, creativity and brilliant company will be remembered and held dear forever, ... love,
        D. & T. from Milano Italy

2012 Nov   -   ... It truly felt as if we were staying with friends in a beautiful room with exceptional hospitality ! Best wishes,
       D. & C. (Americans) from Wiesbaden Germany

2012 Nov   -   From the beautiful room, to wonderful breakfast and amazing sightseeing/food recommendations BBB made our stay unforgettable ... Thank you, thank you thank you !
        V. & J. from Castle Rock Colorado USA

2012 Nov   -   We hav enjoyed being your guests. ... Thank you for making our honeymoon and birthday celebrations so spectacular !
        A. & Ph. from Rockport Texas USA

2012 Oct   -   ... BBB is a real treasure, it's reputation is so well deserved. Thank you sooooooo much ! With love,
        S. & T. from Nantwich Cheshire England

2012 Oct   -   ... Thank you ... for inviting us in your home & making our vacation in Paris such a memorable one. We look forward staying in your château one day :-)
        L. & J. from Calgary Canada

2012 Oct   -   ... I charge my glass in a toast to you - my first friend in  Paris - for being such a great host and for being a 'top bloke', sincere thanks,
        G. from Keperra Brisbane Australia

2012 Sept   -   The delight of BBB started with emails before we left Australia + continued to the very last moment ... life is greatly enhanched by our stay with you ...
        J. & R. from Mallacoota Australia

2012 Sept   -  What could make Paris even more beautiful _ alluring ? Staying at BBB of Course ! ... Can we stay for ever ? Would you like to adopt us ? Thank you for everything :-)
        J. & D. from Birmingham GB

2012 sept   -   BBB - the perfect place to spend our 30th wedding anniversary ! We felt at home the moment we walked in the door ... thank you , thank you, thank you !
        J. & K. from Cleveland OH USA

2012 August   -   Luxe, calme et volupté zoals Beaudelaire het omschrijft ... zo toepaselijk op Parijs en ons verblijf! Je gastvrijheid en openheid werden enorm geapprecieerd !! ...
        E. & S. from Heist op den Berg Belgium

2012 August   -   You made us feel welcome right from the start, ... we enjoyed getting to know you ... we take with us fond memories of Paris and you, ... au revoir,
        S. & K. from Vancouver BC Canada

2012 July   -   Your hospitality was great, superbe, ... breakfast a work of art, focussed to our needs, different each day ... the rooftop view was the 'essence of Paris' ...
        L. & P.  (Australian) from Islamabad Pakistan 

2012 July   -   Dank je wel voor je bijzondere gastvrijheid en onze prettige gesprekken tijdens 't zalige ontbijt. Wij hebben van onze trip in Parijs genoten ... veel suc6 en geluk ...
        S. & R. from Boskoop The Netherlands

2012 June   -   Thank you very much for every second of our 1 week stay here. Everything was absolutely fabulous ! ... we have not left yet but already want to come back !
        A. & A. from Moscow Russia

2012 June   -   Thanks to you I had an absolutely fabulous stay and will cherish the memories of this trip for a long, long time ... I leave feeling that I have made a friend for life ...
        C. from New Delhi India

2012 June   -  "Mahalo Nui Loa" ... you have opened your home and your heart and that is called the Aloha spirit ... we hope our paths will cross again someday, ... A nui nou (à bientôt)
        K. & J. from Maui Hawaii

2012 June   -   We have had a fabulous time ... thanks so much for your hospitality, ... your fruit sculptures were fantastic and we enjoyed chatting to you over breakfast ...
        P. & S. from Bristol GB

2012 May   -   ... your warmth, good food, great conversation and wonderful recommandations have made this an unforgetable trip ...
        D. & P. from Santa Clara CA USA

2012 May   -   1.000 x bedankt voor de gastvrijheid ... en bovenal de magnifieke ontbijtjes, te mooi om op te eten ... we hebben een geweldige tijd gehad ...
        A. from A'dam & Y. from Schoorl The Netherlands

2012 May   -   ... thank you for your incredible hospitality, your friendly advice and the invaluable 'red book' ... wir haben uns hier sehr wohl gefühlt ...
        K. & J. from Sagamore MA USA

2012 May   -   Thank you for being our home away from home. Thank you for making Paris even MORE wonderful and lovely ...
        A. & A. from Tel-Aviv Israel

2012 May   -   ... Die 7 zauberhaften Tage mit täglich neu kreierten Frühstückswundern haben wir ebenso genossen wie die persönliche Gastfreundschaft des stilsicher eingerichteten BBB in Paris.
        F. & E. from Zürich Switzerland

2012 April   -   We had a truly delightful stay in your perfectly hospital B&B. The highlight was our morning conversations over the wonderful breakfasts ... We wish you ever the best ...
        J. & S. from Rochester MN USA

2012 April   -   ... Your helpfulness and great recommandations made the stay truly special ... if I start writing about the breakfast I will fill this whole book ! Thanks again !
        B. from Boston MA USA

2012 March   -   We had an amazing stay here. Your breakfasts were more delicious each day & your hospitality is unmatched. Thank you for all of your help both before and after we arrived.
        D. & D. from Upland CA USA

2012 March   -   ... You have helped us so much on our journey, I don't think we would have accomplished half of the stuff we did without your assistance, ... Thank you !
        F. & M. E. from Bartlett Memphis TN USA

2012 March   -   Mi dispiace farti notare che la tua transformazione in Parigino non é riuscita molto bene ! ... Infatti sei troppo gentile, troppo sorridente, troppo premuroso e attento ai tuoi ospiti ... con affetto,
        B. & M. from Roma Itatly

2012 February   -   Bedankt voor de gezellige tijd en de aandacht die jullie aan ons tweede bezoek hebben geschonken. We kunnen ons geen betere plek in Parijs voorstellen ... 
        M. & T. from Amsterdam The Netherlands

2012 February   -   ... we had a home away from home ... thank you so much for your amazing hospitality ... you made our trip to Paris memorable ... all the best to you two,
        Y. A. & K. from Bukgu South Korea

2012 January   -   Thank you  for the unforgettable stay ... we have enjoyed your company, your hospitality, your breakfasts, your guestroom and the interesting stories of your lifes ...
        D. & D. from Crete Greece

2012 January   -   ... your breakfasts were amazing, so beautifully presented + so delicious - best I ever had ! The bed is heaven + the room immaculate, right down to all the details + decoration ...
        A. from New Plymouth New Zealand

2012 January   -   Wow, what an amazing stay, we absolutely loved your beautiful house + gorgeous breakfasts !!! ... you have been a fantastic host, it really felt like home ... Lots of love,
        A. & S. from Sydney Australia

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all the original comments can be found in our guestbook at BBB

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